New Video – ‘Welcome Away’

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Alex Fox, myself and film maker Patrick Wieland spent some time in Hood River this summer pushing the boundaries of Wakestyle kiteboarding. Check out what we got up to!

Welcome Away from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

Nothing Left To Say

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Here’s what the Slingshot Team got up to in Maui this year!

Nothing Left To Say from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

New Video – ‘Everyday’

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Check out how much fun we had in the Caribbean!

EVERYDAY from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

1st Overall – Triple S Invitational

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This years Triple S was bigger than ever before, the prize money doubled $40,000 this year. Since introducing prize money in 2012 people have started taking the event more seriously, the original triple S was all about a group of riders coming together to push the sport and party, last year they introduced judges and a new format to raise the level of the contest, in the hotly contested slider discipline riders had two runs through the park marking each riders best trick on each feature, this created the fairest possible result but also cut down the amount of riding time, riders came from all over the world to session the Real Slider park and some only got two runs through the park the whole week. So this year they re introduced the Jam style format to give everyone more riding time, this enabled everyone to really push there level as we all had more chances to land our best tricks, we had 40 minute heats with large groups of riders with judges on each feature which made the competition closer than ever before. The standard of riding went through the roof! with 720 becoming a standard trick amongst the top riders, this really put the pressure on. The new Surf format made the event even more favored to my style of riding having spent a few seasons in Cape Town.

Winning last year was a dream come true! I remember watching Triple S videos and Autofocus when I had just learnt to Kite, never in my wildest dreams did I think I could win such a prestigious event, let alone twice! After attending the previous 4 Triple S events and watching the level increase every year I knew I had to step up my game massively to win, most riders at the event have the potential to win, half the battle is the mental game to land your tricks every time. As a ‘wakestyle’ rider the triple S is the ultimate event to win, this years win was even more special as it was such tough competition! I think winning last year gave me more confidence going into this years event but being able to convert that into another win is just amazing! I felt like there was more pressure on me to do well this year as everyone just expected me to do well, last year I had nothing to loose which meant winning this year again was unbelievable! It could have gone any way across all the disciplines; Brandon and Aaron were right on my heels. I cant express how happy I am!

Sam Light Triple S Highlights – 1st Place Overall from Sam Light on Vimeo.


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Distinction from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

From Russia With Love

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Here is the latest ‘Freeride Project’ Teaser… ‘From Russia With Love’

The Gorge

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Check out my latest video called ‘The Gorge’ with fellow team rider Alex Fox in Hood River this summer. Filmed and edited by Patrick Weiland

Sam Light + Slingshot Part 1 and 2

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I had an amazing six weeks in Cape Town this January/February getting use to my new gear, training and riding with my mates, I got 3rd place in the Redbull King Of the Air event and spent 2 weeks filming these sick videos! I am really happy with the end result. Big thanks to Andi Jensen for filming


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Firstly I would like to thank Naish for the support over the years, they have given me the opportunities to be where I am today, and we had some great times! I am very grateful for there support.
However its time for a new chapter, therefore I am really excited to announce my new sponsor Slingshot! I have signed a three year contract, Im chuft to get the opportunity to continue my career within such a sick brand, i’ll be working and releasing my own pro model board in 2015. Making use of all of Slingshots product range as it fits my riding style perfectly including using the RPM and the Fuel for different conditions, Im also stoked on my new wakeboard setup, the whip is everything I want in a cable board and more. Watch this Space!!

1st Place at The Ro Sham ThrowDown

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I had such a good trip to Hood River this year, its one of my favourite places in the world! There’s so much to do and lots of cool people to hang out with! After finishing off the Naish Nation Tour…..

Turkey Mix Up

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Brazil Coaching Trip

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Hey Guys, every fancied going to Brazil? Ill be there during October running some clinics. Come hang out and ride and we can push your riding to the next level.

Island Time

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Antigua is one of the nicest places I’ve been to, I was lucky enough to be invited out to film a video with Andre Phillip and Jake Kelsick, two of the steezist riders in kiteboarding. As you can see in the vid its a cool place to hang out and film, so sit back and enjoy! And yes it really is that nice!

Island Time from Antigua was shot and edited by Shabba Kirchner, working along side

South Afriiiiccaaa

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So I’m coming to the end of my time here in South Africa, I’ve had a lot of fun! Its my first time here so I have spent a lot of time learning about the country and culture, different spots and all the different things to do. I have been living with good friend and Naish team mate Rick Jensen from Germany, together we have been filming and shooting as much as possible. We have some good media in the pipeline in conjunction with Boom Ting Productions and Naish TV. Cape Town is sick! and theres so much to do, it offers just about every type of conditions known to man, apart from the internet sucks, so stay tuned! and ill be bringing you some entertainment shortly..


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Liquid Leisure Wake Park Closed!

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Please take a minute and click on this link to vote against closing LL Wake Park!

UK Crew in Fuerte!

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Check out the new UK video! Big up to Ripslix for the edit.

Featuring: Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding. Here is a little pre-view of some of the footage we got and what we got up to in the three week we where there! Keep your eyes out for the DVD release on itunes in 2012…

A round in The Hood

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check out the edit from steez productions


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I just got home from Fuerteventura, I was out there with James Boulding, Aaron Hadlow and Tom Court filming and taking pictures for a few weeks. We built a 12m long flat bar, to session in the lagoons. I am actually putting together a little edit, I haven’t done much editing for a while so it will be interesting how its going to turn out! Watch this space.

Da Hood

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Had a sick first few days kiting skating and chilling! We have been filming and shooting most days along with skating in the hoods concrete park. Check out BoomTing Productions shot of me from todays warm up session

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Ro Sham Throwdown

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Heading off to the Ro Sham Throwdown in the morning, cant wait to get back to the hood, its one of my favourite places! and the event is sick. Think its going to be through the roof this year.
Check me out on the poster!

Triple S!!

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So i Just got back from The Triple S, where i placed 3rd in the Slicks and 4th in The Sliders….

Naish TV Episode 5

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Check It out!

Episode Five : Sam Light in a Nutshell from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.

Naish Team Down Under – Episode Three

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Check It out!

Betty Does America Episode two!

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Its that time already, check it out:

Episode Two: Betty Does America (Part 2) from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.

Betty Does America – Naish TV

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Hello! I landed in the UK a few days ago now, and its been sunny every day! Not quite sure why i left i’ve been playing Golf, Paddle boarding, and skateboarding most days…

Episode One: Betty Does America (part 1) from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.

Australia 2011

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I’ve come back to Australia for my 3rd season, this year ill be in Perth for 2 months filming, shooting and just riding! Im living with James Boulding and Tom Court from the UK, we have a very cool house in the center of Fremantle, just south of Perth thats situated near all the best kite spots…

Kitesurf Cover

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Got another cover on Kitesurf UK! Last year was a good year for covers and this is a nice way to start the new year!


Christmas at Home

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Hello, Christmas at home as been fun this year! eating way to much and drinking lots. We even got some snow and i tried snow kiting that was sort of successful, i got the feeling but needed a bit more wind and snowboard boots to put in my snowboard! not just

CWC out takes from Sam Light on Vimeo.

Wind Or No Wind!

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I just got home after one of the best events i have ever been to. The Wind or No wind jam.

The idea behind the event was to bring everybody’s skills together in a watersports paradise, we could hone our skills at the best training ground in the world on the cable, boat or winch park then if the winds up put all our new tricks to practice…..

CWC – Philippines

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Hello! Im out in the Philippines at the moment warming up for the ‘Wind Or No Wind Jam’. The complex is amazing! I cant believe it, the cable is perfect, all the rails are perfect! and there are sooo many rails. Theres a really good crew out here all pushing each others riding. The cable [...]


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Hey, it’s that Maui time of year! I have been here for 2 and a half weeks. I have had a big mixture of conditions from 3 days of solid rain to huge Jaws days and epic kiting conditions. A good mate from home Chris Bull came out with me for the first two weeks, [...]

1st BKSA Blackpool

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I just got back from a great weekend in Blackpool at the finals of the BKSA. It was the only event on the British tour i have competed in this year as i have been away when they have been on, it was so cool to check out the scene and see everybody riding so [...]

Betty Does America Teaser

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The Teaser to a two part short story about Rick Jensen and Sam Light road tripping from Hood River, down the West Coast of America ending in Vegas. Filming only the best quality footage pushing the boundries of Kiteboarding! Filmed and Edited by Andi Jansen!

“BETTY does america” Roadtrip TEASER Rick Jensen – Sam Light from HERBERT´S on Vimeo.

Cable Set

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Cable Set from Sam Light on Vimeo.
Last week Damien Girardin, the Naish Kite designer came back to the UK after our short trip to Sardinia to do a mini UK tour to visit a few shops and check out the UK kite scene, while on the road we stopped into Liquid Leisure cable park and filmed our session, its only a handycam but you can see what we were up to!

Tearing Up The Gorge

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Check out my latest video from Naish!

Sam Light and Rick Jensen tearing up the Gorge. from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.